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  ~~LOVE POTION # 5!~~

Yes! They do work! There is an exact science behind essential oils and how they work. Essential oils have a frequency which means that these oils are alive. Every oil has a different purpose and do what they were blue printed to do.

Try this "Law of Attraction" potion. This will attract men or women like bee's to honey. Wear to attract love and passion in your life and soon it will open doors very quickly to bring potential lovers to you. Would you just love to make men fall under your spell? Wear it on a date to entice and charm. There are certain fragrances men and women are attracted to. This potion has just what it takes to bring them down to their knees!

15 ml heart shaped decanter

$19.95 plus tax & shipping @ $2.99

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The anti aging serum is out of this world. Unlike the high end serums on the market today that are loaded with chemicals, my serum is all natural with essential oils that have a frequency which means that they are very much alive and by using them, you are nourishing your skin with oils that contain a life force. The combination of these oils heal, rejuvenate and firm your skin with daily use. Apply a thin layer on a clean face at night and not only will your skin feel like velvet, your skin will thank you for nourishment you have just given it, because let's face it, life is hard on your skin!  You can't really over use, so feel free to use this serum a couple of times a day if you choose. This 15 ml bottle will last you forever because you only apply a thin layer per application.

15 ml bottle 

$19.99 plus tax with $2.99 shipping


Custom perfume specially designed for you, requires a phone consultation and prices vary by fragrance and perfume decanter. 

Having your own special blend of perfume made just for you assures that no one else in the world has your unique fragrance.

Order a specially designed fragrance today and convey your distinctive sense of style.


Don't forget to take your potion with you when you are on the run! Many to choose from but never worry, there is something for everyone!

Relaxing Potion

Exude Confidence Potion

Love Potion #5

Breath Free Potion

Germ Terminator Potion

Law Of Attraction Potion

Headache Blaster Potion

Midnight Dreams Potion

Spiritual Enhancement Potion

Stress Arrest Potion

Each one of these rollers are 10 ml of potion and priced at $17.99 plus tax and $2.99 shipping.

If you do not prefer the roller potions, you can also get them in the 10 ml blue apothecary bottle with a convenient dropper. Some prefer this method of application because you can get drops out of the dropper if you have to count drops for some reason. The price is the same for these bottles as well as the rollers. You have a choice of cobalt blue or amber for the bottles.